Book spine poetry: The World Without Us

By | June 28, 2014

Inspired by the work of Stan Carey at Sentence First, I decided to try my hand at book spine poetry. Here’s my first attempt.

The World Without Us

People of the earth, lonely hearts of the cosmos,
Muddling through the firmament of time,
All the days and nights:
Choosing reality.

What went wrong?

Thanks to the authors: Alan Weisman, Brian M. Fagan, Dennis Overbye, Mike Fortun and Herbert J. Bernstein, Loren Eiseley, William Maxwell, B. Alan Wallace, and Bernard Lewis.

I didn’t intend for the first one to be so dark, but there it is. What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Book spine poetry: The World Without Us

  1. Stan

    This is great, Mary. It may be dark but it's a fitting kind of dark. I hope you do more.

  2. Mary

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to scanning my shelves for further possibilities. Thanks for introducing me to the concept.