Science Word Geek is where my interests in words and science converge. I have a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics and a lot of experience editing scientific papers, where I still run into words I’ve never heard of or words that intrigue me.  I’ve also been a fan of the written word since I got my first library card at age 4.

More importantly, I think that understanding why things are named as they are and where scientific terms comes from can help make scientific knowledge more a part of anyone’s mental furniture. If you know some of the Greek, Latin, Arabic, and other roots, and some of the history of concepts and the scientists who formulated them (even the ones that turned out to be wrong), it’s easier to fit new scientific knowledge into the context you’ve built up in your mind.

Perhaps most importantly of all, science, like any human endeavor, is full of interesting characters and fascinating stories, and its language reflects this. The lingo also captures some of the thought processes that went into developing scientific knowledge, and the history of the times in which the terminology emerged. I hope you’ll be as entertained and enlightened by these stories as I am.

I also write about science destinations in the United States at sciencevacations.com. My descriptions of the destinations include their natural and sometimes their human history, and some of the posts here will be relevant to the scientific language related to places I discuss there.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.